PowerPoint slides are available for a number of the talks which Clive Field has given during recent years, as follows:

‘British Religion and the Second World War: An Audit of Sources in the Mass Observation Archive’ (2017) Second World War religion and MO presentation

‘Has the Church of England Lost the English People? Some Quantitative Tests’ (2017) Church of England Faith in Research 2017

‘Measuring Secularization in Britain’ (2016) secularization-in-britain-presentation

‘Secularising Selfhood’ (2015) saliency-conference-presentation

‘Quantifying British Secularization: A Case Study of the Bible’ (2015) bible-bible-society-presentation

‘British Religion in Numbers’ (2013) brin-glasgow-sept-2013

‘Measuring Religious Affiliation in Great Britain’ (2013) religious-affiliation-presentation

‘Muslim Opinions and Opinions of Muslims: British Experiences’ (2010) muslim-opinions-and-opinions-of-muslims

‘British Religion in Numbers: The Project and the Sources’ (2010) brin-rag-presentation-formatted