PowerPoint slides are available for a number of the talks which Clive Field has given during recent years, as follows:

‘Has the Church of England Lost the English People? Some Quantitative Tests’ (2017) Church of England Faith in Research 2017

‘Measuring Secularization in Britain’ (2016) secularization-in-britain-presentation

‘Secularising Selfhood’ (2015) saliency-conference-presentation

‘Quantifying British Secularization: A Case Study of the Bible’ (2015) bible-bible-society-presentation

‘British Religion in Numbers’ (2013) brin-glasgow-sept-2013

‘Measuring Religious Affiliation in Great Britain’ (2013) religious-affiliation-presentation

‘Muslim Opinions and Opinions of Muslims: British Experiences’ (2010) muslim-opinions-and-opinions-of-muslims

‘British Religion in Numbers: The Project and the Sources’ (2010) brin-rag-presentation-formatted