Counting Religion in Britain is Clive Field’s monthly round-up of new British statistical sources on religion, past and present. It was launched in October 2015 in succession to Clive’s regular news posts on the British Religion in Numbers (BRIN) blog between 2010 and 2015, and in order to provide a more consolidated and predictable alerting service. Counting Religion in Britain appears on both this website and on the BRIN website.

Counting Religion in Britain aims to report a range of statistical sources, including (but not limited to) opinion polls, faith organization studies, official statistics, academic studies, datasets added to the UK Data Service, and people news. Each source will be briefly described in terms of its methodology and content, and details will be given of any known publications and of the URL for the source. It should be noted that not all online sources are available on an open access basis.

The following numbers of Counting Religion in Britain are available (click on the link to open each document):

No 29 February 2018

No 28 January 2018

No 27 December 2017

No 26 November 2017

No 25 October 2017

No 24 September 2017

No 23 August 2017

No 22 July 2017

No 21 June 2017

No 20 May 2017

No 19 April 2017

No 18 March 2017







No 11 August 2016

No 10 July 2016

No 9 June 2016

No 8 May 2016

No 7 April 2016

No 6 March 2016

No 5 February 2016

No 4 January 2016

No 3 December 2015

No 2 November 2015

No 1 October 2015